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 We are a video production company based in Colchester

We are creative video producers based in Colchester.

Our digital content has been used to influence buying choices, support marketing campaigns and shape social change.


With much of our content aimed at social media we work with clients to provide a comprehensive toolkit of digital content to grow their business online.

 At NeonCloud we can work with you to create engaging video content to boost your social media presence and communicate more professionally and effectively.



With a background in film and television we have produced digital content for a wide range of businesses and organisations in the public and private sector.

Video production

We believe that if you post an image or a video online it should be of the same quality as your website and any printed materials.  After all, if you've posted it online you want people to look at it, so why compromise on quality?


Everything you communicate is part of your brand and has an impact on the viewer's perception of your business.

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Our video production experience includes work for large public and private sector clients across a wide range of sectors. We can work with you from developing an initial idea to producing a large campaign.


Whether you want to promote a product or service, document an event, present customer testimonials or simply introduce your business to the world we can offer you a video solution that maintains the quality of your brand and engages with an audience.



Video content is one of the most powerful assets you can use on your social media accounts.  Most people will spend very little time on a website or trawling through their social media feed so an engaging video can hold their attention and get your message across before they move on.

 social media marketing

Our social media packages can provide you with regular, focused management of your social accounts. If you're struggling with social media or just want a more regular and effective presence then we have the right package for you and your business.

We will manage your social accounts to regularly communicate your messages and build relevant followers. Whatever your business, good use of social media will get people to remember you, share your content and recommend you.

Our initial strategy meeting will consider what you want to communicate and how to target your desired customers. We will then advise you on the best platforms and content to achieve these aims and grow your business using the power of social media.

Social media thrives on strong content and we can also work with you on quality design, photography and video content to build your brand online.

• choice of platforms

• variable monthly posts

• email support

• account creation

£100 per month

no minimum term

prices start from

no contract


Animation is a fantastic way to present your products and services. We can work with you to create unique animations that incorporate your brand style and capture attention on your social media channels.





We will work with you to develop a script that incorporates your key messages and engages and entertains an audience.


We can develop content ideas based on your industry to make

the animation relevant and memorable.

We can provide a voiceover from your script or use your own recording if you would like to feature in the animation.


We will incorporate your brand colours, fonts and logo into the animation so that the finished video is recognisably yours and can be used in your communcations.


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